Additional notes for Episode 7

Val  teaching Lily to paint. Open with shot of them side by side (turned a bit towards each other), canvases on easels, back of canvases is the foreground. Val is talking laidback style about art/art theory and what he thinks, ending with “…and that’s how you make art!” Cut to opposite of side of scene shot, characters now midground w/ backs mostly to camera & artwork on easels visible in background. val’s painting is beautiful and complete. Lily’s canvas is blank. She tentatively dips brush into yellow. Val gives her encouraging words. she makes a slow stroke across canvas. near end stroke, Val leaps off stool at lily, knocking over her easel in the process, while yelling, “That’s not how you make art! You got to go with the Gut!” (end scene)

Narrator (guy who lives in couch): Things were tense at the Arthouse after the “That’s not how you make art!” incident. But Val made good late the next morning…

Lily wakes up to find a sticky note on her forehead. note reads: “I’m sorry. Art is whatever you want it to be. Can we still be pals? – Val”. The present is a paint-by-numbers set. by the end of the episode, Lily proudly displays her first p-b-n painting. it’s bad, even by paint-by-numbers standards. she calls it “her art”.

(In the episode following & thereafter, that very painting is now hung on the living room wall. hung slightly crooked. in the background, but never mentioned)

New Scene:
Lily is working on her her 23rd p-b-n, it’s about half done.   A new painting by val nearby. it’s of some nearly extinct animal. It’s big & obviously a lot of it was painted w cheap housepaint. val enters, reminds lily she’s got to be done by 3, a “very prestigous” gallery owner is coming by personally to consider val’s piece for the annual “Exotic Because Most of ‘Em are Dead, Thanks to Us!” 100-artist group exhibit. He kind of goes on about how important this is to him personally, what a big opportunity it is, etc. Lily points out spilled housepaint, still wet, on tarp, “Am I suppose to clean that up too?” Val says leave it there.  End scene (FADE) Next scene. Lily is in tears, the painting is 3/4th finished and she thinks it looks terrible. (It does.) In frustration, she tosses it to the floor, it skids through the spilled paint, canvas-side down. Val rushes in, “what are you still doing here? It’s 3!” In all the excitement of Val carrying on, Lily spaced setting the alarm. Val picks up now smeared canvas, places it on Lily’s easel, says “sit there & say nothing”.
Gallery Owner comes in. sees Val’s work. tells him he’s in, because nobody has submitted a painting of that particular animal yet. (val’s point: it’s one of the most decimated, thus “more exotic” than other animals the gallery owner lists – animals already represented – and of course with each animal mentioned, val replies with the number left. all the other “exotic” animals have bigger estimated populations left than val’s choice does. but, still, he’s very excited he says). G.O. notices Lily. G.O. to Val: “You didn’t tell me you had a student!” to Lily:”Wow. Is this painting yours? that’s fabulous. I love with how you paint with your gut!” Loves her “daring” piece, invites her to be one of three select artists in the annual “Raw Undiscovered Talent”-type exhibit. It opens in two weeks, can she do four by then?


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