Overview of Episodes

Overriding arch of season:
In episode 1 Lily and her boyfriend move into the house and he leaves for a cigarette.  In episode 8, he finally returns but Lily no longer needs him.

Breakdown of Season:

Each episode will have two major storylines that compliment and overlap each other. The “A” storyline will revolve around Lily’s relationship with the house or individual house members. The “B” storyline will compliment the theme of the “A” storyline and will involve house members not involved in the “A” storyline. Each episode is meant to be 5 minutes.

Episode 1: Pilot (Note: We will write this one after writing other episodes first.)
A: Lily and boyfriend move into the House. Boyfriend leaves note that he is going out for pack of cigs and never returns. Lily first deals with being left. Lily and boyfriend have originally moved in because domineering boyfriend wanted to, and now Lily is left alone without resources to move out. Perhaps we don’t ever meet the boyfriend but show starts with Lily reading a note left from boyfriend.

Start of episode (also set up for last episode): Lily wakes up, as camera pulls back to reveal all the other roomates asleep in the bed (everybody is clothed. not sexual. maybe there was an extra cuddle puddle party the night before or something, but its never explained). Lily looks at people she is sharing bed with and inner monologue plays over as she thinks.  “How did all these people end up in my bed?”  Some transition out, perhaps all are awaken by ridiclous sound that starts the episode?
B: Episode introduces other house members and concept of house in rapid session. Setting the stage.

Episode 2
A: Lily and Freeda. Lily realizes boyfriend is not coming back and goes through “anger” phase. Lily is drawn to Freeda because she is attracted to Freeda’s constant talk of “injustice.” Freeda is the domineering one in this relationship. Freeda is happy to have a disciple. Lily is attempting to be independent and fails. She learns that even though she still needs people she should count on herself.
B: Walter and Donnie: Walter and Donnie (who are old high school friends) try to teach other, but both want to be the guru and neither wants to be the disciple.
Perhaps minor characters keep seeing boyfriend out and about. (Theme for season?)

Episode 3:
A: Lily and Walter: Lily goes through bargaining or self-hatred stage. She decides she needs to make herself “more interesintg” so starts to get seriously into philosophy and follows Walters Lead. Lily fails at philosophy because she is just not into it and has to admit this to herself. Walter (like Freeda in previous episode) is happy to have a disciple.
B: Freeda and other house members. Freeda runs garden like a general and teaches other house members how to take care of garden. Donnie decides to weedwhack and ends up killing garden in one full swoop. Perhaps before weedwhacking Donnie has sowed maryjane seeds in garden in attempt to raise money for the house.

Episode 4:

Updated concept: Under Donnie’s leadership, various house members crash various partys to steal food for the house, especially now that garden has been weedwhacked.  We can spoof “action movies” with Donnie playing spy and Lily being diversion.  Orginal B beat might get dropped in need to fill in multiple party crashing.

Below was original concept for Episode 4
A: Lily and Donnie: Lily continues with “self hatred” and decides to change her look and goes “party till the break of dawn” crazy. She gets a dumb tattoo. Donnie takes her out to paint the town red.
B: Walter (in reaction to Lily and Donnie) trys to lead house on a “path of meditation and enlightenment” but for one reason or another house members are unable to meditate “properly” Walter ends up in rage.

Episode 5.  Introduction of Couch guy and fire spining episode.  Additional notes here.

Episode 6: This episodes is intentionally left blank. We will fill in after writing other episodes and figure out what is missing.

Episode 7:
A: Lily and Val: Lily learns acceptance from Val. Lily learns to do what she wants to do and live in the moment. During entire season up to this point Val has been painted as the fool of the house, so it is ironic that at the end he turns out to be the wisest one. Perhaps this should be “tripping” episode?
(Additional notes for this episode)

Episode 8:  Lily gets invite to missing boyfriends wedding.  Lily feels betrayed… gets angry, packs her one suitcase (now filled to overflowing) and announces she’s leaving… til somebody points out “the buses stop running at 10pm in Phoenix, so how you gonna get to where you’re going?” — Lily decides to spent one last night on the couch…. group hug ends with all sleeping on her bed.  She wakes up next morning and realize that was first scene of season.  She reflects on how the house and these people have been good to her.

Possible wallpaper or plot points for various episodes feel free to use at will.

City wants to make house a “cat sanctuary.” Freeda does not submit.  Or maybe someone in-house wants to make it a cat santuaryused in third epsidoe

The House pet dies, some want to bury it, others do not.

A weird life form has appeared in the dishes.

House meeting and arguments over the 4th of July Gallery Show.

Some like stray-cats, some don’t.

Chicken: Broken chicken coops has chickens wandering around in house during inconvenient moments. Characters “go yellow” or “chicken’ multiple times in episode.

The Election episode: Friend of the house runs for City Viceory and the house pitches in to help the campaign.

Yard: City gives House warning about messy yard. House has to clean up yard. Freed refuses to let the city tell her how to run her garden and organizes a “sit in” to stop house members from cleaning yard.

Gallery opening: Donnie is trying to hang show of a supposedly renowned artist and clearly over his head. House members give stream of advice of how to re-hang show, Donnie re-hanging show during whole episode. Episode ends with showing that the main art piece was obviously upside down for the entire episode during all the manyof hangings. Other subplots involve things being turned upside down. (99 over the 1%, casserole cooked wrong, lots of “role reversals” among characters.) This is a later episode after characters have been clearly established.
Shower Schedule: House member (either Donnie or Freeda) trys to instate a shower schedule for the house. This character insists of only showing up at their appointed time. Multiple scenes of Donnie in shower doing very weird things. A ridiculous amount of semi-empty shampoo bottles has to fall/crush somebody.

$100: House member finds $100 bill in gallery. House decides how to best spend the money. Rough draft of this concept.

Dreamscape: House members have series of weird dreams

because of gas leak. might be used in Epsidoe 6 writen by Rick

Day care: Donnie decides to get house to become a daycare for children. House ends up looking over 5 or 6 children. All the children are little tiny versions of the main characters.

Ghosts: Some house members believe house is haunted. Episode ends with séance to free house of spirit. Maybe Halloween episode? Show ends with “logical reason” house was acting weird, followed by computer generated spirit leaving the house.

Toilet Paper: Someone in house to sick and tired of running out of toilet paper and declares the house do something about it.

A house divided: Members of house “divides” the house in half with ducktape. Members of house in their anger stay on their side, (so two on one side and two on the other side) and 1 member of house (probably Val) keeps crossing sides and is gleefully ignorant of the whole situation. Episode starts with maybe Val being put into a corner of the house.


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