The Characters

The Narrator lives in the Couch. He’s never seen by other roommates (just Lily.) Sometimes a roomie needs something or lost something (like a cellphone or ancient totem) & states such by the couch, after which the audience sees the Couch guy’s arm poke out long enough to set said wanted object on the couch.  He is the observer, guardian, unseen helper & narrator of the arthouse. (Voiceover narration should be written in the past tense, like the narrator is recounting the whole story, a la Waylon Jennings, ‘Dukes of Hazzrd’-style) (Additional notes of introduction of Couch character)

Lily: (Female) Protagonist and “fish out of water” of the series.  Lily moved into the Arthouse because she and her boyfriend had fallen on hard times and he vaguely knew of the place.  After moving in under his suggestion, Lily’s boyfriend “goes out for a pack of cigarettes” and never comes back.  For rest of the season Lily is discovering who she is as a person and the constant stream of weirdness in the House is helping her with this, even if she doesn’t always realize that at the time.  Throughout the season Lily will keep a video blog of her speaking to the camera.  Lily is fundamentally an upbeat person, who is inclined to laugh at life’s little challenges, but can get very wound up at life’s big ones.

Each episode revolves around Lily’s struggles as she tags behind one resident after another in an attempt to “find herself.”

Walter: (Male) Poet – Philosopher – Cynic – Walter is normally the even-keel force of the house. He is aggressively mellow but not spaced out. His sharp dry-wit plays a role of side-commentary during the show. While seemingly very zen, he has own explosive dysfunctions. He is highly unemployable, and happy with selling plasma and jazz CD’s out of his backpack for a living. The lease for the House is in Walter’s name, it is way to live somewhere cheaply.

Val: (Male or Female) Frantic and offensively prodigious Painter.  Speaks, talks, thinks and paints one mile a minute.  Val pops in and pops out of many scenes and is the most slapstick of all the characters. Val is not good at protecting our people’s space.  If Val is talking, he is most likely to be preoccupied only with himself. Val and Walter are counter forces to each other.

Donnie: (Male) Works as an outbound calls salesperson but is constantly rotating through new jobs and getting fired because he is so bad at sales because of his goofus nature.  Donnie is constantly reading books like “7 Habits of Highly Effective people” and on constant frantic mission to better improve himself. A regular bit would be for Donnie to be attempting a never-ending series of schemes to make money for the arthouse. Donnie works the doors at events and likes distributing flyers. He can be connection to the outside world with his flyering. Donnie enjoys doing “performances” on stage, which as a general rule are just plain awful.  He is fundamentally a good willed and good-natured person but a shade dumb.  Donnie and Freeda are counter forces to each other.

Freeda: (Female) Freeda is committed political activist.   She is always coming and going from one rally or another carrying a sign that states one absurd political issue after another (example “No more blood tomatoes.”)  She wants house events and shows to carry a deeper message. She cooks on a regular basis as she is concerned about being green. Her cooking is an anchor point for discussion scenes where whole house is present.  Her meals play the role of unofficial house meetings.  She is extremely militant about her garden, scenes with her in the garden should play like Patton at war.

Relationships of the  Main Characters with each other.

Walter and Freeda argue because Freeda thinks Walter doesn’t care about anything and is just a cynic while Walter thinks Freeda is nieve.

Walter, Freeda and Donnie:  Both Walter and Freeda think Donnie is nieve,  Donnie thinks the two of them are just cynics.

Walter and Val: Walter finds Val’s constant running around highly annoying, Val thinks Walter is a “knot on a log.”

Freed and Val: Freeda likes Val’s energy.  Val likes that Freeda feeds him.  Val often is doing physical chores for Freeda.  They have some very odd but not quite sexual tension.

Val and Donnie:  “Get each other.”

Potential Minor characters:  

Some minor characters can be just “walk throughs” that we see only once and gone, unless they really “stand out.” Walk through characters play the role of making it more interesting and chaotic in house.

Burrito salesperson: Shows usually late at night when everyone has the muchies.  Also is a DJ on nights he or she is not selling burritos.

Lone House Volunteer: Idealist and very sunny person who believes the house “has something to offer” and therefore volunteers at the House.  Her/his good intentions are often exploited by House residents.

J.J. Goth who lives in the closet:  This is not a metaphor.  A guy actually lives in the closet of the house but is rarely seen.  Very goth.   This character can startle Lily on a regular basis, every time he startles her he is doing something ordinary, like cleaning his tooth-brush. Introduced here in dish scene episode.

Weed dealer:  Kind of an obvious character, maybe combine with burrito salesperson?

Guy who fixes the constantly broken espresso machine:  The closest thing to a construction worker this crew has got. Very macho, could be played by either man or super-lesbian.  Very handy with her hands.  Think host of “This Old House.”

Friend of Freeda:  Anarchist, always dressed in black.  Opposite sex of Freeda, has obvious but unrequited crush on Freeda.


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