Rough notes for Episode 5: The Fire spinning/ Guy in Couch episode

Lily learns fire spinning. not very good at it, esp. that last spin. very serious thigh burn.

New Scene opens with Lily laying on couch, singed w soot here & there, thigh wrapped in gauze, but you can still see the oozy burning around the thigh wound edges cuz they ran short on gauze. It hints at really bad under there. Roomies debating whether just “serious” or “ER-serious”. Walter says since he collects the rent, the buck stops with him, & wants to call 911. Freeda replies, “Is this a collective, or is this Walter’s trip?” It’s put up to a vote. Poor mans cost/risk analysis because Lily wll get hit with bill. “Let’s wait and see how it looks in the morning.” wins by a landslide. Everybody says goodnight.

Lily crying a little, laying on side (her back facing back of couch), an arm comes gently up thru the back of the cushions, reaches around and hands her a tissue. “Thank you.” Arm soon follows up with fresh-cut aloe vera plant. Man who lives in couch is coaxed out. He brings fresh dressings & wraps. (the wound is cleaned & changed, but that’s never shown.) the gauze being unwrapped, rewrapped, panning down towards the badly burned thigh, each time cutting away to a flashback sequences right before the horror is seen.

The episode mostly consists of two flashback sequences – Lily’s fire practice gone wrong (think: Slapstick! With Fire!) and the Guy in the Couch’s story… he was a new housemate back in the 80s, became the guy in the couch when things looked bad/went wrong, the catch being… “everything you’ll ever desire is inside this couch, but… there can only be one couch guardian at a time & you gotta find your own replacement” This guy agreed to replace the last guy (as seen in flashbacks) who had been in there several decades himself. only the “chosen” can be couch guardian. this couch guy is finally ready to move on, but has to find his replacement first. lily is the next “chosen one” as he sees it, if she wants the position. (she declines, but now it’s an option in the back of her mind.)


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