Cat Santuary Episode (orginally meant for Episode 3 but now probably something else)

This orignally was meant to be episode 3 but writing took it somewhere else.  Perhaps it might be a good episode 2 because it could do a good job of introducing “the house” as a character.


Lily address camera for her video blog.  “We got a notification from the city.  They are planning on using the empty lot beside us to build a feral cat sanctuary.  We use that lot for a garden.  The house has been arguing for a couple of days of how to respond.  Freeda is angry and wants to fight, but Walter wants to us to not fight so we can still fly low on the radar.  Times have been tense. I am not looking forward to the next house meeting.

Scene: House meeting, all sitting around the circle.

Val: I really like tabouli.

Donnie: Sure you do, I like spinach quesadillas.

Freeda: So fight we must, no matter how hard the battle, the bigger the injustice the bigger the fight! We can not let them take our spinach quesadillias!

Val: Or our tabouli!

Walter: Whoa, whoa, whoa as the great French pragmatist William James said, “Acceptance of what has happened is the first step to overcoming the consequences of any misfortune.”

Freeda: Walter! They are taking our garden and replacing it with a giant litter box for every stray cat in this town and you want to hit me with pragmatism!  This is our food, they have no right. It’s not their land!

Walter:  But it’s not our land either!

Freeda: Exactly!  It is no one man’s land.  Let the earth feed us.  We must resist the actions of  imperialists wherever it happens, regardless if it is for the jungles of Angola or for own empty lot!

Donnie: Yeah! Resist! Resist!Resist! (Val, Freeda, join in chant for a couple beats.)

Val: Resistance is futile!  (House members stop and give Val a”what” look, after pause)

Walter: Find resist if you must, but I for one am willing to accept whatever life lays out for me.


Narrator (while visual of Freeda, Donnie and Val building fortifications around garden): The house, or rather Freeda decided that she would not sacrifice her garden to the man.  Donnie and Val went along with her, mostly because she fed them and they were hungry men.  They were also broke, so the loss of the garden made them very scarred and hungry men. (EDITOR NOTES: REWRITE IN NARRATORS VOICE)

Scene: The Garden: While Val, Donnie and Freeda work on barricade, Walter watches over.

Walter, reading from some old book: “Above all, we must abolish hope in the heart of man. A calm despair, without angry convulsions, without reproaches to Heaven, is the essence of wisdom.”  Alfred Victor Vigny (French poet, dramatist, and novelist, 1797-1863.)

Freeda: Walter if you don’t want to help us barricade the garden and help us protect that which gives us substance, then fine but don’t sit there and lecture us while we do it.  If I wasn’t opposed to tolerance of other belief systems I would cut you off from tonight’s pumpkin pudding!

Walter, still reading from book: “Despair leads to acceptance which leads to wisdom.” David Allen Coe.

Freeda: That’s it! No pumpkin pudding for you.

Val looks up from task:  There is pumpkin pudding?


Scene: Lily approaches Walter as he reads.

Lily: Walter, I think you are being kind-of-dick to Freeda, but for some reason your dickienish seems to give you peace and some sort of perverse wisdom.

Walter: Well Lily, we have to learn that the cosmos of time and space don’t really care about something as small as you and I.  So one must learn to accept.

Lily: And that makes you happy?

Walter: No not really, but it makes me feel like I am a little better than other people so I got that going for me.

Lily: That really sounds dickish.

Walter: Well does the dick not just go where it is led, does the dick not just accept what comes it’s way, does it not react purely, without complicating things up with thoughts or doubt.

Lily: I don’t know, I guess it depends on the dick.

Walter:  Lily, I think we are getting sidetracked, philosophy can teach one many things, it is not just about dicks.  Freud withstanding.  You should borrow my book “the power of now” by Echart Tolle

Lily: I don’t know, philosophy is not something I have ever been good at so I am not sure but…..

Walter: Oprah liked it.

Lily: Well, OK then.


Total Occupy Wall Street scene, with lots of visiting extras sitting around garden while Freeda, Donnie and Val lead chants from inside the garden.  Think loud and boisterous, the more ridiculous extras we can get the better.  One lone cop is leaning on his door watching the festivities.  He seems pleasantly amused.

Cut to cop talking on CB to someone, we only hear his dialogue.  “So Sergent, why am I wathcing these people again?  They just seem to be having some sort of Mother Earth celebrations, doesn’t look like trouble to me.  (Pause) Yeah, Yeah, so we want to replace this garden with a giant litter box for stray cats.  They want hundreds of stray cats to be herded here.  I don’t know chief that sounds both kind of disgusting and impossible at the same time. (Pause) Yeah, I know, but Chief, I been reading this book, The Power of Now bu Eckhart Tolle, and, (Pause) Yeah, my wife gave it to me, apparently Oprah liked it.  (Pause) All right I’ll just wait to here from you.

Lily walks by carrying copy of “The power of now.” Cop notices it and says “Good book”

Lily: Yeah Oprah liked it.

Cop: I know.  (Maybe scene later of Walter surprised to learn that cops like philosophy, is offended by thought so pulls out “more serious work” for lily to read next.)

Last Scene: Lone cop walks up to the occupiers, everyone pauses and silence.

Freeda: Did you come to arrest us? We won’t leave any other way!

Cop: I just heard from my seargent.  The cat sanctuary feel through, the city realized it didn’t have the funding.  So you can keep your garden, and no one needs to get arrested today.

Three or four black clad anarchists lover shoulders and say “Dammmmmm” softly.

Walter (Who has been watching from the side)  See, acceptance.

Freeda: Shut up Walter.

Lily: I was just talking about the power of now with that same cop.

Walter: Cops read philosophy?

Lily: Well sure, if it is recommended by Oprah.



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