Working draft of Episode 2

Episode 2
A: Lily and Freeda. Lily realizes boyfriend is not coming back and goes through “anger” phase. Lily is drawn to Freeda because she is attracted to Freeda’s constant talk of “injustice.” Freeda is the domineering one in this relationship. Freeda is happy to have a disciple. Lily is attempting to be independent and fails. She learns that even though she still needs people she should count on herself.
B: Walter and Donnie: Walter and Donnie (who are old high school friends) try to teach other, but both want to be the guru and neither wants to be the disciple.
Perhaps minor characters keep seeing boyfriend out and about. (Theme for season?)

Scene House meeting: All residents are sitting in circle. Chickens wander amongist them.

Donnie: The chicken situation is out of hand. (All house residents but Freeda nod in unison.) If we can’t keep them out of the house then I say it is time for them to go.

Walter: One woke me up by pecking at my feet.

Lily: I think my music makes them nervous.

Val: Yeah, and their feathers make horrible brushes.

Freeda: Well, not only does any one life force have the right to exist as much as you do, the only reason the chickens are wandering through the house is because somebody broke our chicken coop. (Cut to quickfire scene of each house resident doing a “I am guilty face” and then cut to that character remembering the way they broke the coop. Shelly selling wire for scrap metal, Vince stealing wood to paint on, etc)

Freeda: You like eggs right? Right? As goddess as my witness, if you make me get rid of the chickens then none of us will ever again eat eggs! (Freeda storms out of room.)

Val:  I like eggs.

Donnie: Me too.

Walter: (Facioulsy) Glad to see there is room for compromise.

Lily: What if we fix the coop?

Or narrator.  A compromise was reached because it was agreed that everyone in the house liked eggs.  Especially Val, Val spoke at great length and eloquncy that he liked eggs.  He liked scrambled eggs, ……

End Scene

New Scene: Fixing the coop.

Other house members decide to fix chicken coop, fail over and over again, cut away scenes. Cut away scenes of chickens wandering by)

Other conforntations

Donnie Book club walter heckles.


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