Random Scene: $100 dollars

Original idea:  $100: House member finds $100 bill in gallery. House decides how to best spend the money.

Scene is Lily cleaning gallery after crazy party night at the space.  While cleaning she finds a $100 dollar bill in the terminally and long empty (maybe spider webs?) tip jar.  She looks around in disbelief.  Cut to Scene House meeting.

Walter: So any other new business? Can we adjourn the meeting?

All but lily: Yes, I got stuff to do and body language is sick of meeting.  Val is sitting with leg bumping up and own, maybe Donnie is asleep, J.J. is watching from hole in wall nods yes.

Lily: Well, there is something, I umm found a $100 dollar bill in the tip jar when I was cleaning the gallery yesterday.  (All perk up)

Walter: One-hundred american dollars?!?

Freeda: Here?!?

Donnie: In our tip jar?!?

Val:  We have a tip jar?!?

Lily: Yeah, its right here (she pulls it out of bag, her actions show she has ben extremely careful to not lost the $100 dollars and is clearly wanting to get rid of the pressure of carrying it.) So what should we do with it.

Val: Spend it!

Lily: Well, I assumed we would spend it but on what?

Walter: The bills!

Val: Paint!

Freeda: A fence for the garden!

Donnie: A new sound system!

Val: Paint!

Walter: The Bills!

Freeda: Fence for the garden!

Donnie: A new sound system!

Walter: As the person who pays the lease and looks after our bills I have to insist the bills.  Last month the garden water bill was twice what it was like year….

Freeda: You like eating don’t you!

Walter: I know, I am not complaining, I am just saying the water bill was higher than normal.  Also our electrical bill has gone way up lately, has someone been leaving lights on again?  (maybe cut to scene of each house member looking guilty and then remembering a time they wasted a ridiculous amount of power, bu running printing press or whatever) So I have to insist we spend it on bills.

Val: Then it’s just gone!

Donnie: I agree, this is an opportunity, Walter, we shouldn’t spend it on something normal, this is a chance to improve the house, make it better, make it somewhere the paying public masses would want to come.

Val: Paint!

Donnie: I agree, paint, a new coat would really hide some of our blemishes would really spruce up the place.  If we printed the outside trim alone ……

Val: No not paint for the house, paint for my paintings. (Looks embarrassed, realizes he was being too obvious) I mean paint for all of us, community paint. First come, you know first served.

Freeda: The garden needs a fence!

Walter: Really, Freeda, our garden needs a fence.  We live in the middle of Phoenix, there are no rabbit’s here, no deer, no cute little furry things eating our vegetables, why would we need a fence?

Freeda: Not for animals you idiot, for the drunks!  I am sick of people peeing in my garden.  Lord knows what other shenanigans happens in there!   (Cut to scene of a wierd late night Furry action weird sex scene going on, the more fluffy the Furry the better.)

Where am I going with this?

What do they eventually spend it on?

Random brainstorm for now.

$100 bucks divided 5 ways is 20 dollars.

It leads to a house divided episode?

$100 bucks get put in a “safe place” while the house decides how to spend the money,  the safe place where everyone can see it so it is not really a safe place, so various members have to “guard” the bill an crack under the pressure.


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