Writer’s meeting on Wed.

Here is the email I am sending out to writers today.  I figured I would post it because it is a good record of where we are in the process.

(Same email sent by both email and facebook)

Writer’s meeting for the Arthouse sitcom is on Wed. at 7:00 at the firehouse.

Here is where we are in process.  The season arch has been established, the main characters have been established, a rough idea for each of the 8 episodes has been established.  Better ideas for the various episodes are still being accepted.

Here are proposed goals for the meeting.

1. Assign episodes to different writers.  Brainstorm each episode for 5-10 minutes to help writer.  Assigned episodes due May 12.

2. Brainstorm other potential ideas for episode thread lines.

3. Discuss whatever I have forgotten.

4. Discuss logistics.

Here is how to best prepare for the meeting.

1. Read and know who the main characters are.

2. Give some thought to which episode you would like to write for the current proposed season arch.

3. Think of other potential storylines/episodes you would like to write that would fit the current proposed season arch.

Links for both here. https://scenesfromthearthouse.wordpress.com/about/

Following this meeting our next meeting is going to be on Wed. May, 16.  At that meeting we will (hopefully) read all the rough-draft episodes.  Our goal will be to look for ways to connect call-backs and build threads among episodes.

Thank you all for your consideration of participating in this project.  I look forward to discussing  with each of you what your hopes, dreams and goals of such a project would be.

In case you are curious here is what our future schedule looks like.

May 2- Assign writers to Episodes.

May 14- Written episodes due.

May 16- Writer’s meeting, discuss episodes.  Look for ways to connect episodes with call-backs or foreshadowing.  Taken suggestions for episode edits.

May 30- Edited scripts done.

The month of June: Analyze scripts, figure our logistics, pre-production arranges for shoots.

July 6-7: Shoot pilot.

July 8- 12- Post production for pilot.

July-14- 15- Shoot 2nd and 3rd episode.

July 16-23:  Post-production 2nd and 3rd episode.

August: Shoot episodes 4-7.

Sept: Post production for episodes 4-7.

October: Get drunk and celebrate Halloween. Episodes will be released once a month, premiere at FFNL.

Thank you for reading all the way to the end.  And always believe in yourself.


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