Notes from May 2 meeting

Last night Michael23 Mike G, Ian, Kristy and myself meet.  Here are the notes from that meeting.   First the highlights.

The Pilot (thanks to Mike G) is written.  A email will be following shortly behind with the script.  Further brainstorm of each episode was done, the notes for this have been incorporated into the season arch post.

Episodes were assigned to the various writers.  Writers should also feel free to write any random scenes that they think of.  These scenes could be used for cold-openings or cold-closings and should be 1.5 pages or so in length.

Below are the current assignments.  Completed Episodes due May 14 to be discussed at May 16 meeting.

Episode 2- Kevin

Episode 3: Michael 23

Episode 4: Ian

Episode 5: Mike G (Fire Episode)

Episode 6: Rick Larsen (Rick was present at many early begining conversations about story arch and characters) he is doing gas-leak theme and movie spoofs

Episode 7:  Unassigned (maybe Pete)

Episode 8: Unassigned

Random discussions during meeting.

It will be a challenge to fit in both a “A” and “B” story line into just 5 minutes.  The writing must constantly push the plot forward.   We have 3 mechanisms to help push plot (or things to use if you get stuck during writing):  the narrators voice, Lily’s video blog, and the house meeting conversation.  House meeting is good place for characters to voice their opinions.

Donnie and Walter should play like the odd couple.  Walter is the more pragmatic one, while Donnie is always going off on hair-brained scemes to raise money for the house.  If someone.

Additonal notes have been made to the schedule post.


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