The schedule

Here is the schedule for the process.

Goal: Episodes will premiere at next seasons FFNL.

May 2- Assign writers to Episodes.

May 14- Written episodes due.

May 16- Writer’s meeting, discuss episodes.  Look for ways to connect episodes with call-backs or foreshadowing.  Taken suggestions for episode edits.

May 30- Edited scripts done.

End of May is casting.  Script of various scenes will need to be published.

The month of June: Analyze scripts, figure our logistics, pre-production arranges for shoots.

July 6-7: Shoot pilot.

July 8- 12- Post production for pilot.

July-14- 15- Shoot 2nd and 3rd episode.

July 16-23:  Post-production 2nd and 3rd episode.

August: Shoot episodes 4-7.

Sept: Post production for episodes 4-7.

October: Get drunk and celebrate Halloween. Episodes will be released once a month, premiere at FFNL.


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Stationary Hobo is getting ready for Mayan Y2K.
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