Debating how to share scripts

Email sent to some of the writers…..
We are going to start having scripts floating around in a week and I am trying to figure our the best way to herd them when they do.  I believe the three of you have done the most work in herding scripts for FFNL, do you have any advice?
I am planning on doing this task.
I have not yet figured out a way yet to get script written in Celtx to be cut and paste to blog. I believe it is important that we write in Celtx.  It looks like Celtx has a mechanism to share scripts with others.  Has anyone used this feature?
I am not a fan of google documents because I have always found it difficult to navigate because when using it in safari it leads to multiple open windows.
I still think the blog is the best way to organize communication and record of written content.  I was hoping to show others how to have an account so they can post to blog.  What do you think of this idea?
These are the things I am thinking of.
Please send any advice you like, or if you would rather speak to me about it, then I will see you Tuesday.
I am also hip to us meeting on some other night to just discuss computer logistics.  Perhaps a Celtx lesson?

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Stationary Hobo is getting ready for Mayan Y2K.
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