Things to discuss at May 23 Wed meeting

Bring your computers, we are going through a Celtx tutorial.  We have accounts for all the writers, this will be the best place to suggest better lines.  One of the things we have decided is while we have good story-based comedy in the episodes, we could use a few more zingers.

Hopefully, second edits of what we read last week will be read, best to have 2 or 3 copies if possible.  Following that we will decide upon what should maybe go in the remaining needed scripts.  We are going to need Episdoe 7 (Lily and Val), Episode 8 (Season Finale).

Also needed is random scenes to be used for tech reherasals and try-outs.  As a writing excercise, I am trying to write some 1-2 minutes/pages scenes were one of the house member is spotlighted.

I am not expecting to have any new scripts for episodes this week, but if we do, then great.


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Stationary Hobo is getting ready for Mayan Y2K.
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