Public announcemnt of casting

Casting Call for The Arthouse, a situational comedy web-based series. 

CASTING JUNE 16 at Firehouse

Filming will occur on the following dates Sept 1, Sept 8 and then every 2nd Saturday in October and November.  Characters would need to be available on all these dates.

Casting Books are available at the Firehouse, 1015 N. 1st Street, in beautiful downtown Phoenix.  Please contact Kristy at for a PDF version or to schedule an audition.

No monetary compensation, only credit and copy.

Project description. 

The “Arthouse,” is a sitcom based upon a wonderful place we all know and love called the Firehouse.  The Firehouse is somewhere between a creative incubator/think-tank/hangout-spot/communal space/half-way house/gallery and artist residence.  The Firehouse has 5 artist residences.  For many years now, these 5 rooms have hosted a constant rotation of wonderful characters.  For more information on the Firehouse (currently one room available) go to

Auditions will occur at the Firehouse, 1015 N. 1st Street, in beautiful downtown Phoenix.

If you plan to try out then here is what you need to know.

Be prepared to tell us which character you would like to try out for. We will ask you to read whichever scenes you have selected you would like to read. We will also ask you too semi-improv 40-second scenes at our suggestion. A list of possible suggestions we might ask are in the Casting Book. We also might ask you to read a character’s part you have not selected.

Note to All Aspiring Actors: Don’t tell you friends. I mean, who wants the competition?

Note to Everyone Else: If you are interested in helping out in any other fashion, then please tell your friends. We could use the help. We have a long list of roles that need to be filled. If you, or your friends, need someone to contact then write KP at

Always believe in yourself.

Character Disclaimer

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. If you see any similarity to someone you know, or perhaps, any similarity you see in yourself, rest assured this is just plain coincidence. These are purely fictitious characters, pure figments of our imagination.

If you happen to live in downtown Phoenix you might think the characters have an uncanny resemblance to someone you know. Please, again, rest assured this was not meant to happen. These characters are people everyone knows, not just you.


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