Dates to remember

These are dates to block off.  Does anyone have trouble with any of the dates below?

Feel free to only reply to me so you all do not all have to record multiple responses and changes.  I will send updated schedule in 2 weeks-ish.

There is time between shooting dates in order to perfect post-production.  It looks like 2nd and 4th Saturday is easier for more folks.

Also, I am making Wendesday nights at the firehouse “Arthouse” office/working nights.  What day of the week is best for everyone? You do not need to attend all these nights, but we will be doing cold reads from time to time on Wed.

July 28 -Shoot random house meeting scenes to do “dress rehersal” of tech and post-production.

August 11- Shoot Pilot

August 25- Shoot Episode 2

Sept 1 – Shoot Episode 3 (not a second or 4th Saturday)

Sept 8 – Shoot Episode 4

Sept 22 – Shoot Episode 5

Ocotber 5 or 12- (Both Friday nights) Film night scenes for Episode 5

Ocotber 13- Shoot Episode 6 and 7.

Figure out where we are from there.  Hopefully done filming in Novemember.


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Stationary Hobo is getting ready for Mayan Y2K.
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