How to Submit: Please answer each question individually. Include all answers and image in a PDF document not to exceed two pages in length. Submit your PDF via email ONLY to: Subject Line: GOOD ‘N PLENTY Grant/Application.

1.    Title Page: Name, Title of Project, Phone Number and Email.

2.     Project Description: (200 words max.) Is it a dance-party, flash mob, shared meal, an installation?

3.     Allocation of Funds: (200 words max.)  How will you use the grant to move your idea forward? Buy supplies? Pay for therapy? Hire drag queens? Entry fees for pie-eating competitions? Please be specific.

4.     Why: (200 words max.)  Why is your idea so important that it needs to be in the world? Who cares? Other than your mother?

5.     One Image: Include one image that best describes the way this project makes you feel.

Notification: You will be notified ONLY if you are one of the six Creatives selected to present your project.

Please Do Not: Email or call for updates on your application.

Acceptance: If your project is selected as one of the six, you will present your project at the GOOD ‘N PLENTY event to a hungry audience! Please prepare a short presentation (6 minutes max, we have a gong and we will use it) and remember to make it dynamic! It can be a performance, a song with images, a juggling-lecture, heck, get your mother to present if you think the audience will like her more! Your goal is to get people excited about your amazing idea!

The Grantee: If your idea wins, you get a big, cartoony bag with dollar signs on it at the end of the event and we’ll mail you the check after we’ve added up all the proceeds.

Ownership of Proposed Projects: The Creatives maintain all ownership of their proposed projects. Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art claims no responsibility or ownership for/of projects proposed to the GOOD ‘N PLENTY grant. This grant is not an exhibition or commission for/by Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art.


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Stationary Hobo is getting ready for Mayan Y2K.
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