This weeks notes, emails and random thoughts of mcmg

Send email to group for cold read


Hello all, sorry about the long time no talk. Please mark calendar for August 8 (Wed.) night at 7 pm for table read.


We will be reading the pilot at least three times through. At the first reading there will be no interruptions. I want to see how you are interpreting the dialogue before I give notes. I expect to give broad notes at the second reading. If time, we will read the second episode.


In general I try to keep all meetings at two hours, so expect 7 to 9.


There will eventually be at least two reading meetings for the pilot. This one (August 8) is just reading to start learning dialogue. The second one will be a “dress rehersal,” meaning we will be doing the reading on location with production watching the read.


Date for filming the pilot is August 25.


You have received copys of all the scripts in a past email. Has anybody read all the episodes? If you have then I think you are a wonderful person.


Please let me know if you have any questions.


Email to michael

Brainstorm about opening sequence

Black and white cartoons, gently animated, ernesto draws? Walter gestruing, freededa gardening, etc

Heads shots of house meeting in progress



How to edit

Lay Master 1

Ask yourself “Where do I want my coverage?”-Drag in cuts


Goal is to have 1 video track (me maybe 2) and then multiple audios.


Day of shoot

Reherasl read first thing (Crew Watches)

Then makeup while crew sets up.


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