Three more wendesday’s until shoot.


August 29- Equipment list tie down discussion.  Shot list tie down.  Production team meeting.

Sept 5- Normal meeting that night, so we don’t have space to work in.  Not sure what purpose of meeting is yet.

Sept 15- Last meeting before shoot. Rehearsal,  all cast must attend.

Sept 18- SATURDAY DAY OF SHOT. CALL TIME 9AM to late afternoon.

Please confirm you can do the two dates of Sept 15 and Sept 18

This is what we have done recently.  The last two Wednesday’s were blocking for the production team.  These were great meetings where we figured out a lot of stuff that we will not have to figure out on shoot date or rehearsal.

What you can expect at Sept 15 meeting.  You will get a lot of more actor notes than you did at the first team.  The production team might give minimal notes.

What you can expect day of shoot.

9AM- Final table read.  After table read then makeup for actors while production sets up cameras and lights.

930 AM Shoot the house meeting scene. We expect 9-12 takes.  Maybe more.

1 PM Shoot Lily’s Bedroom scene.  We expect 9-12 takes.  Maybe more.

We hope to de done by 9.

I am hoping to get Mario to provide snacks and a lunch for the day.

Please let me know if you questions or concerns.  Updated script will follow in a day or two.

To do list.

Speak with Mario.

Get green paint.

Speak with Beth May.

Speak with Beth May.



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