Equipment list and notes from last meeting

Equipment list 1.5 weeks before show time.

Here is what equipment we have and what each person should bring.

Michael 23

Cannon 23i camera

2 lens a telephoto and standard

Clip lights also called Pie plate lights, 100 volt

PAR Cans on Roof backstage roof at Firehouse, can rotate. (like a stage light) maybe 200 volt

2 shot gun mics

1 Boom mic

Maccie counsel for monitor

Wheel chair

carpet dolly (tripod on platform)


Heahphones for monitoring sound


gel colors


Basic Flags

Bounce light grip equipment

XLR cables (for to zoom)

Mic stand for boom

Monitor but will it go with cameras?

Diffusion layer


Maccie consel (or something like it?)

Kevin P




Plates, silverware, glasses for Mario

Mike G

Diffusion layer

What camera add ons do you have?

Camera zoom lens

Camera follow focus?

Hand held stuff?

shoulder mount



Tray table for sound

Round table for outside shot

Coffeecart for food and hangout area


Green paint (Kristy)

Plastic Green paint tube (Kristy)

air horn

chamapgne bottles and champagne glasses

suit case (kevin)

Book 7 habits of highly effective people (Kevin)

Guitar Case john Luther

To Do


Send actors info

Send Ian link to script

find crates before Saturday

tell amy jean tech in her room


add improv

read thorugh of amy jean room, set up

other scens just actors

Put order of day of shot.

Phone list

Phone call

Random notes


need assitant editor

way to pay and download video stuff.

Role sound

silence 5 minutes

Sound rolling

Role Camera

Camera role

Role Lights




Send Brenda description

Dress in what you think you will do on day of shoot!

For Wed. dress rehersal. This is our final rehearsal. The more of script you remember the better! Please hit “reply” and confirm you will be attending on Sept 12 (Wed at 7) and Sept 15 (Saturday at 9).

First we will do one or read through of the scene in Lily’s bedroom. Production team will watch. After this actors will go outside to do read through of House meeting scene. While actors are rehearsing scene (with me) production team will be setting up equipment for Lily’s scene. Actors will also rehearse Season Finale scene. After this we will again do read throughs of Lilys bedroom scene but this time with all equipment on and filming.

For costumes.

Brenda (the wonderful costume lady for FFNL) has written a description of what each character should dress like. Do you have clothes that would work? If so, please wear them Wed night for rehearasl. Feel free to bring something you think that works for your character, that might not fit Brenda’s descrption.

Lily- each episode she wears a different persona’s outfit. Hipster, burner, flower child, yuppy. It kind of goes with her learning about who she is.

Walter- kind of a hawkeye from mash or a cheap watch salesman from ny city, with a touch of burner.  main cohesive element is a bath robe with pockets on the inside for the jazz cd’s he sells.

Val- always has paint somewhere, cloths, face, hands, hair. Also something like a paint brush n pot of paint so he can start painting as soon as he gets an idea. Have him start painting on any surface at any inappropriate time during a secene.

Donnie- plain casual pant, kakis or dockers. White collered shirt, button down or golf. Glasses

Freeda- always has a sunflower somewhere. Something large. Could be in hair , on cloths, could be jewerly or painted on face or body.

Here is a quick explanation of Season Finale scene. This scene is in the season finale. This scene will explain why everyone is in bed together in the first scene of the season. For continuity reasons it will be good to go ahead and film version of this scene. Ian and I are working on script currently but much of this scene might be improved. A version of this should follow in a day or two. You do not have to try and remember this yet.

Last scene

Whats going on?

Send to ian notes

How they get there?

Lilys room

Film this before wake up scene

Lily alone, reads note, and flips out, squezes paint, paint explodes and makes loud sound (maybe broker guitar)

After guita broken, residends all run in “What is going on?”

Each one had different line of them asking “What is going on?”

Freeda come first “

Val comes in “I heard a guitar about to be broken, Awesome! Destroy.

Freeda, “tear up the system, not the man”

Walter- Hey you got to sign the lease before you lose the mind.”

Donnie- “To walter” I told you no more crazy bitches.


Lily says crazy random stuff, not able to foolow. “I am leaving.”


lily screams,

Goth Someone need a hug?


Goth joins the hug at the end. Lily notices and who is this guy?

Lily is waving letter, someone suget good idea for a hug.

After everyone is there, they group hug,


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