Email following first shoot

This is a general email about what is happening with the Arthouse project for your reading pleasure.  Please note the proposed dates below.

Matt and I have watched all the footage from the House meeting scene.  Both of us were very pleased with the amount and quality of the coverage that we got.  Actors, awesome work on knowing your lines!  I think there was only one, maybe two flubs, all day and that is amazing and makes editing so much easier.  Well done!
Beth May, you are the Queen of continuity.  Did anyone else notice that at the start of each take she began in mid-sip for every single take?  Amazing!
I believe the crew learned a ton that day and we also figured out how to shoot future house meeting scenes.  So that will make future shooting easier.  However, I have to say I think we did a great job of staying on schedule.  Despite the two hour late start because of figuring out the big move of outside to inside we still got multiple takes in 1.5 hours for house meeting, and got second scene shot in 4 hours.  I think that day is about what is to be expected for future shoots.  Excellent job everyone!
We have a very rough idea of what shots to use, but hours upon hours of editing following.  Also big thank you to Matt G for spending hours and hours on just syncing the video alone.  And then another big thank you for editing.
Tuesday night we will be shooting the two Jack/Lily scenes with Amy Jean and John Luther.
I am currently studying the 2nd episode (Dish and Goth) and figuring out a plan of approach.  For now I hoping to film on October 14 (a Saturday) the house meeting scenes and Kitchen scenes.  Which means October 10 (a Thursday) will be dress/tech rehearsal and October 4 (a Thursday) will be table read.  How is that date for people?
Note, I am thinking of changing meeting night to Thursday night.  This would be much better from Mike Gustie, Matt G, and Kristy but not better for Michael 23.  Does anyone have any other opinions?
The 2nd episode is attached for your reading pleasure.
Again, thank you all for your time, energy and participation. I am extremely pleased with the start of this project.  Please contact me with any questions or concerns.

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