Tuesday filming

Tuesday night we will be shooting the two Jack/Lily scenes.

The first scene will be at Neal Johnson’s apartment (same place FFNL had pool party).  Crew arrive at 5:00, actors arrive at 5:30 (sharp).  We want to film at dusk, which means we have only from 6:00 to 6:45 to shoot one page of dialogue.
Following that we will be changing location to film scene in front of the firehouse.  I hope to be done filming at 10:00.  We are doing this with minimal crew.
Attached is a copy of the script.  We will be shooting scenes 3 and 5.

Props, we need a guitar case.  John Luther, you got one?
Please confirm by email if you are able to attend.  This will help save on phone tags.  Below are notes to particular individuals.
Thank you so much for your participation and energy!
You will be doing sound.  Laurence is unable to attend.
Mike Gustie,
We hope to use your camera, I am not planning on having Michael23’s there.  Can you also bring your lights and tripod?  I have your shoulder harness.
You will be doing shoot list again.
John Luther,
Do you have a guitar case we can use?  No damage is supposed to be done to it.
John Luther and Amy,
The more of the script you remember the better.

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