response to viewing party question

I am not sure when the party is going to be, it all depends on the editing.  The other day Matt and I spent 4 hours watching and synching.  He has probably put another 14+ hours into sunching easily, so I don’t want to pressure him.  We do have to figure out another person who can edit, I would not mind doing so but my computer just does not have the needed firepower.  Add that to the list of wanted toys.

It is my plan to show rough cut, (and by rough cut I mean 40 minutes of footage to 8 minutes.)  Matt is a little concerned that if you show people rough cuts they might loose intrest because the project does not “look good.”  I have heard the same advice from 3 or 4 other film makers, so his advice gives me pause.
So again not sure, I hope a couple of weeks out.  I hope to film Oct 13 and it would be a major priority for all us to watch the 1st episdoe before we do the second.  So I will let you know.  I am thinking of doing it on a weekend night around 8, and then bbq afterwards.  Are weekends easier or harder for you?

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Stationary Hobo is getting ready for Mayan Y2K.
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