Getting ready for Episode 3

We are going to be filming Episode 3 (instead of Episode 2) next.

This episode revolves around how the city wants to put a cat shit sanctuary in the garden.  The house (led by Freeda) leads a fight against the city.  A major “Occupy” scene will be occurring in the Garden.

Crew is meeting this Thursday (Oct 5) to plan out how to film this episode.   I will be at the Firehouse on Saturday seeing what the light is like through the day.  There will be a lot of blocking for this episode.  So if you are inclined to hang out on Saturday, please let me know.

For now, here are proposed dates.

 Oct 13 is shoot day.  I am expecting we will be filming the garden scenes that day. This would be scenes 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.  This should be a very fun day filming.    

Oct 27 will be a second shoot day for house meeting scene (Scene 2) and perhaps scene 5 (Lily and Freeda). 

Please come on Oct 10 for table read.  We will most likely have only one table read. 


About stationaryhobo

Stationary Hobo is getting ready for Mayan Y2K.
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