Narrator audio

Recording for the narrator happened on Wed at my house.  I have deleted the bad takes and taken notes on the rest.  Anybody want to try and slice and dice?  I am happy to take a stab as well, but I think the two of you are better at it.

I think I could send as attachment and it would not be overwhelming. Opinions?

We also recorded Episode 3 but I can send that later.

My notes:  (Number is the file number.  At the start of each take is me saying what “take” it is.  I don’t think I need to do that again.)

02- Intro – Decent but bland.  From “In the beginning” to “to touch” is useable.

03-Intro -Only “The god realized.”- I think best take of this section.

-04- Garbage

05- Intro – From “In the beginning” to “biological status”

06-Intro only “God realized.” – Good take.

08- Exit- Whole exit monologue. Bland

09 – Exit- Whole exit monologue. Bland

10- – Exit- Whole exit monologue. Garbage?

13– Exit- Whole exit monologue. Decent


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