First day shooting episode 3

Awesome day filming.  We got through House Meeting and complicated shot in garden.  Well done all.

Next filming is Nov 3.  At this point I say call time is 12:00 for a 1:00 shooting, but it may have to be earlier because the sun will set about 30 minutes earlier than last Saturday.  Remember lots of extras, correspondent, cop and protesters. Matt and I will be watching the first day of garden shoot for lessons learned.
I have heard about “Market on the move.” Anybody know about that?  I think we might need to research as we will need to feed a lot of people that day.  Any suggestions on a food crew?  All shooting that day (except maybe the last scene) will occur in the garden that day and we will not be in the house.  I hope and expect this to be a fun day and one we will remember.
I have been watching the “extras” of “the IT crowd” and one is about how to shoot a day with lots of extras.  Main lesson learned is we will need one person, whose soul job it is to run/look after the extras.  Any suggestions who this could be? It will be very important to have that person that day.  Neil are you up to it?
I laughed on Sunday how many spinach quesidillas we went through.  Great job Mike in keep on eating and thanks to Neil, Phil, and Pat for keeping them coming.
Great job Matt Micheletti on having the Goth roll with the punches.
We will need lots of help on Nov. 3.   If you have an idea on how to make that day smoother then let me know.
If you have an idea of who might be a good “Assistant director” then let me know.  Assistant Director is supposed to run logistics from one shot to the next and is a challenging role, right now it is being done half by me and half by Matt Gmoney.   It would have to be someone who has a strong personality, understands script the project well, and is good with people.  Like I said, it is a challenging role.
I cc’ed a lot of people on this one.  I don’t expect response from anyone on this email.  A following email is coming with dates for table reads, and tech meetings that will need a response.
As I said at the beginning, thanks again and well done.

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