general update getting ready for 3

Hello all.  Nothing too important below, I just thought I would let you know where we are at right now.

Matt, Mike and I are trying to think through and plan logistics out for Nov 3 shoot.  We will probably have a blocking rehearsal, but we really want it to be during the day to study the light.  However, I doubt that will happen unless random people meet me this Sunday (nov 4) at the firehouse around 1. Anybody willing to wander around with me in the garden for a couple of hours?
Also, we need a cop uniform.  The more real the better.  Does anyone know anyone with a car that could “look” like a cop car.  Meaning the front of it is black and square, we could just film the corner of it.
Mike G. Matt G and I watched footage Monday night. It looks really good.  Again good job actors.  I said it before and I will say it again your reaction work is great.
Crew, great job getting solid footage on two very demanding (logistic wise) shoots.
I think Nov 3 will be one of the more challenging logistics day that we have dealt with.  Actors, have you noticed that in scenes 5 though 9 you do not really have a lot lines (except for freeda).  We would like you as part of the scene, but because you will not be having to remember lines, would you be able to help us lead extras on how to act/react/move?
I am hoping to put Pat and Neil in charge of the extras.  Pat because she knows film and Neil because he knows the firehouse, and whomever is going to run the extras that day is going to need help.

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