Dec update

To all,

Here are some proposed dates to consider. Please let me know what you think and your availability.

Dec 1: Saturday after First Friday. Viewing party at KP’ps. We watch the First Episode. Hopefully rough assembly of third episode and raw footage Lauren has made of the “making off” for the Kickstarter. 

In order to film all of Episode 2 before Christmas, we would need to do the following (it would be a little tough on me, the cast and the crew.)

Friday Night Dec 7 film scenes with the Goth and the scene at Conspire. Only cast needed would be the Goth, Freeda, Rasta Extra and Cult of the Yellow Sign.

Saturday Dec 8- Day 10 to 7. Film dish scenes at Firehouse. This will be a semi-difficult and long day. We would absolutely need a fresh crew at the end of the day to help us clean up the huge mess we will make. All cast would be needed.   I will work on schedule to film effectively with peoples time. 

Sunday Dec 9- Film scenes with Donnie pushing cart of dishes, only Donnie (maybe Lily) would be needed.

If we do not film on these dates, I expect our next filming will occur in January.

Status of project:

Here are some random musings of what I am thinking and where we are at.  It is included more as an FYI.  Please feel free to read at your leisure.  Feel free to send me your two cents.  Please note I used blind cc so you all don’t get overwhelmed with replies. I will follow up with feedback everyone gives.

Speed over Accuracy?

I am very happy with the production level and acting level of this project.  If you would like something to compare it to, go to and check out some other webseries comedies. Hopefully you will agree after seeing more footage at the Viewing party.

I am a little concerned with our speed at production.  Some considerations:

Currently it is taking two days of filming and a days upon days of editing (big thank you to Matt) to complete one episode.  Based on my experience, readings, and conversations with others this in natural and normal.  The general consensus is you can film 5 pages of script in a 12 hour day.  As we are doing 4 pages in a 6 hour day we are doing the low-budget film standard.

We have basically shot 12 minutes of footage for what will be eventually 48 minutes of footage.

We are making a sitcom, not a film.  Compare normal sitcoms to film and they don’t look as good.  For us to crank out more stuff quicker then we will have to drop some production value.  What is more important speed or quality?

A typical shooting day is costing around 200 bucks.  So one episode is costing around 400 bucks.

Once again, I really like how good the first two epsidoes are looking.

Help Needed

It saddens me how little actual “directing” I am doing on days of shoot. Each day of shoot is exhausting for me and takes lots of work before and after.  I need help.  Instead of concentrating on the acting and giving suggestions to the actors I am running around coordinating the day.  I (along with Matt) have been basically doing the role of Assistant Director.  If we could find someone to step into that role it would be a huge-massive help.  It is a tough role to fill because it involves a LOT of grunt work and also requires someone who knows and understands the project intimately.

Also needed is a prop person to arrange props before shooting. I have been surprised to learn that at least 60% of my time in pre-production is going to arranging props.  This distracts from making sure all of our people are on board.

Next Steps?

Originally I had planned to have 4 episodes shot, edited, done and completed before releasing any. Which meant first release would be February(ish.) This was to help build up interest and not lose interest once it is built up. 

I am debating if this is the next step.  I have been very happy with what we have done.  Perhaps releasing our first two episodes will help generate more financial help and more interest in folks willing to be crew?

I believe we will be making in December and January a kickstarter video.  I m currently working on the wish list of how much money we will be asking for.  Any equipment bought will be given to “Thought Crime Productions” meaning basically Michael 23’s shed and can be used by any firehouse ally.

Thanks again

I have been really encouraged by the tremendous amount of work and energy that so many of you have been putting into this project.  I am deeply appreciative of it and would like to give each of a deep kiss.  But that might be awkward, so instead make sure next time I see you we have a deep handshake instead.

(Send Episode 2)


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