studying intros and lenght

From Blip TV
Sorted by relevance, either most popular or similar to us

Duder (webby-honored)
Intro 1.5 seconds Just text of word and someone saying “duder”
Total episode 4.98 most around 5 minutes, a few over

Model Wife
Intro 5 seconds
quick 1.5 second of head shot of main characters, and episode title.
Total Episode 3.12 minutes (two episodes at 5 minutes, most below 4 or even 3 minutes)

Intro No intro, just text at bottom of screen for 1 second (maybe) that says web series
Total episode 2:50 most around 2:30 to 3:00 (most popular on channel, extremely well shot)
No intro (none not one)
Total Episode 2:13

Big Book of Lies
1.5 second intro, just words over audio
Total episde 3.33 (most 3.30 to 4.20)

Delusions of Grandeur
Intro 7 Seconds
Circus music with rapid fire eye-shots of main start
Total Episdoe 38 minutes long
The Unemployed life
Intro 3 seconds Just text of “The Unemployed Life” over audio of episode. (Improv driven series)
Total episode 3.53 (most episodes between 3:40 and 4:30)

The Guild
Season2 episod 1
Total 5:33


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