touching base



Touching base


I hope everyone had a nice break and Holidays. Here is what is going on with the Arthouse. Matt is putting finishing touches on the pilot and it will be ready for release within a couple of weeks. What was episode 3 is going to become either episode 2 or episode 2 and 3. Regardless, it will be ready for release by the end of January easy.


I am currently working on the indiegogo campaign. We have a solid start on that thanks to Lauren.


Here is my plan and tentative dates and plans.


Jan 15. Release Pilot on YouTube. Link and link again. No release party, lets get some views from friends and family. Think it as a soft release for the series.


Late January Film some lone scenes with Donnie, Lily, Freeda, the Goth, and the cult of the yellow sign.


Release indiegogo campaign just a couple of days before release party.


February 9. Release party for episode 2. Play Pilot, Episode 2 and kickstarter video. At either Firehouse or Filmbar. Please start locking down that date.


Random thoughts.


Here is what I have been mulling over. Random thoughts.


Several episodes are 7 pages. I am working with Ian and Mike to divide into two scripts, what episodes should we drop? It is nice we have the luxury.


February start banging shit out. We have to be done shooting by end of or start of summer.


Lock down Phoenix comicon.


I hope you don’t mind the long break. I was in Italy, plus I had always thought that we should have the Pilot and 2nd episode done and in the bag before starting on episode 3, that was a lesson learned from FFNL.


Thanks again for all your hard work, please let me know if you have any questions.




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