Willa to me

Sounds good to me. You can put the contact as my email and maybe ask that they include a photo of themself in the email? I’ll write back and coordinate with them. How many extras are we thinking per party?

Also, on a semi-separate note, which actors are we needing for that day?

Me to willa

Photo with email is a great idea. It helps raise the bar of the talent.

I want to post the extra invite on March 11ish, after filming on March 9. So we got time to debate it. I always find debating things electronically first cuts down time at meetings.

For each party we need:

Art Party: 3 extras with lines, 3 extras in background no lines.
Frat Party: 4 extras with one line each, as many extras as possible in background. But they have to look the part.
S&M party: No extras with lines, 8 to 10 extras as background, they will be spilling out of a silver trailer.
Disaster Moive-Zombie Party: We get Joanna23 to painty zombies on half of all the people from the previous partys who want to party. Imagine a cast of thousands, or at leas the stagglers hanging on.

Willa, Please read the text below and tell me your opinion, feel free to edit.

I am thinking that running the extras is going to take a whole lot of logistics, responses, follow ups. You up for that task?

This is what i intend to post in the next couple of days.

4 Parties March 23

OK, this is going to take logisitics.
On March 23 the people behind the Arthouse series are going to need to film 4 seperte parties. This is going to involve a lot of extras. Each party will only be for a 15-20 second scene. The storyline is the residents of the Arthouse are crashing parties to steal food because Donnie weedwhacked the garden. Hilarity will ensue.
The four parties will include
A pretenious art party of art majors.
A frat boy party where they have nothing to eat but crackers.
A S&M party
A disaster-themed movie costume party with a lot of zombies who will mob a man with a shotgun.
Here is my hope.
We film all the scenes we need to shoot between 7 to 10, ending with the disaster-themed party and then we all have a party.
Here is how that could happen.
Let’s assume the shooting goes as scheduled:
7:00 to 8:00 Pretenious Art Pary, shot at my house. This is the longest scene of all the parties.
8:00 to 8:45 Frat Party, also my house becasue this will involve a lot of crackers making a mess. I would need 5 to 6 extras that look like frat boys or frat boy hanger-ons.
8:45 to 9:00 Transition to next location.
9:00 to 9:30 S&N party at neighbors house. Location still in discussions.
9:30 to end of shoot (10PM?) Zombie-Movie themed party- On the street outside my house. Hopefully we end shoot on Mario’s porch. But I have not cleared this by him. If not his place, then mine.
10 PM: After-party from the days previous 4 partys.
If interested in being an extra, please tell us what shoot-party you would like to be a part off. Please select a party where you could provide your own costume. And your contact info, meaning name you would want for credits, email contact, phone, and facebook profile name if applicable.


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