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March 9
Tuesday Call Chris Williams. Playing God in March 9 episode.
Mike G. Green screen? How do we do this with Mike G?
Follow up with Michael 23 about fire extingusher.
Follow up with Joanna, and sherry?) for firespinning.
Arrange  Clock, aloa verde plant

Edit release form

For day of shoot have.
Multiple copies of releases, all extras have to sign.  need person at every door.

March 9 Shooting Schedule

Filming Kitchen scene (Scene 3) from Hunger Games and Majority of Couch on Fire.

12:00 Set Up

12:30 Couch Scene 3: Two stoners (Mike and Ian?)

1:00 Couch Scenes 9 and 10: Narrator and Couch God

2:00 Couch Scenes 6 and 11: Narrator and Lily

3:00 Hunger Games Scene 3: Kitchen All Cast

5:00 Couch Scene 5: Lily hurt on couch- All Cast

6:00 (If one schedule)  Evil Walter and Donnie House meeting scene – All Cast

6:30: Couch Scene 12: Lily Blog, in coffee cart, cast in background.

7:00 (After dusk) Couch Scene 1 and 4: Fire spinning- All Cast and Joanna

Pick Up scenes after cast dismissed: House Scene 6: Clock and lily saying couch

Hunger Games Scene 2 and 4  and 12 Lily Blog


For Hunger Games

Green pepper that has gone bad.

Trashcan marked compost.

Costumes for two gods.

For Couch on Fire

Rainbow colored goldfish snack for stoners.

Firespinning- A staff, stuff to set up staff.

How do we burn lily? Talk to Joanna

Camera for Val to use, use Holga- Kevin


2 stoners (Ian and Mike Gustie)

Fire spinner- Joanna 23 is the main on, maybe get 1 or 2 more for background?

Couch God – Maybe Chris Williams?

Table read with Neil, also record episode 4 stuff.

Other to do stuff


Cast needs 1 costume change

Talk to Mike Gustie about how to shoot Narrator scenes and green screen?

March 23 To DO

March 23- Hunger Games

talk to mario
Jason for shoot on March 23.  Wooden treehouse is location for S&M party.
Contact Brenda in a week about costumes for march 23.
Send Freddy Script.  Extra

Multiple copies of releases, all extras have to sign.  need person at every door.

Filming most of the party scenes from HUnger Games.  A lot of logistics this day so I could use some help.

Pretentious Art Party- To be Shot at my house

Frat Party- Is wooden treehouse ok if we make a mess?

S+M party, my house? Figure out how to shoot/


5 boxes (at least) of crackers

S&M party gear.

Shark Costume




1 painting, need two more


Art Guy 1 Franny

Art Guy 2

Young Female Art Student

4 to 5 “douche bags” for Frat party

Party Crasher

Handsome Guy in shark outfit

The only scenes we will not have shot on March 9 or March 23 are

Last scene from Hunger Games, Zombie walk to Mario’s front porch.   Needed Party Crasher Extra, Shark Outfit, Lots of Zombies, Phil with shotgun, Mario’s permission

Scene 6 from Couch on Fire.  House Meeting from 1987.  All extras no cast (except for “Young” narrator.)

CostCo of cast eating free stuff

M23- to be played by Brian Harrison

Kristy- TO be played by?

Clay-To be played by pete petrisko?

1 or 2 others sitting around, no lines.

Shooting Schedule March 23

Hunger Scene 5 and 8 Ext Art Party- All Cast

Hunger Scene 6and 7- Int Art Party- All Cast

Hunger Scene 9 -Int Frat Party – All Cast

Hunger Scene 10- S&M Party

Zombies that NIght? Marios porch?

Random tasks for past shoots
Edit Freeda says. (install sony?) Laptop?
Edit Michael 23 whole take, cut on computer.


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